The Health Benefits of Riding Your City Bike Daily

We are all tired of knowing and hearing how good exercising on a regular basis is beneficial to our health. As we try to find a work / life balance, family and friends in our daily lives may at times be stressful enough without even making the time to work out. What if I told you that you can incorporated cycling into your day-to-day activities or you can bike commute and burn 500 to 600 calories per hour. This will eliminate the stress of trying to schedule time to go to the gym or finding the time to go for a jog after work.

Bike commuting will not only clear your mind but may reduce the stress of driving in heavy traffic, allowing your heart muscles to do the job they do best to not only keep you alive, but also extend your life span. The health benefits of riding your city bike daily are also linked to the fact that you can easily shave off the unwanted pounds you may be caring. If you are currently bike commuting, carry some unhealthy snacks with you and also have some at work. This will help you to keep your metabolism active by eating smaller meals throughout the day, instead of single heavy meals, which may promote fat burning. Bike commuting not being an option for you, try completing your errands by bike.

As a Mr. Fix It, I know I can easily make a living off going to my local hardware store to pick up all sorts of supplies. You can also ride with the kids to school. Riding with your kids to school can be an awesome experience, because they will not only get the health benefits from cycling, but you can also teach them at an early age how to obey traffic laws, giving them an upper hand on cycling safety. If you are grocery shopping, try using your bike. Attaching a bike trailer to your city bike or if you have a toddler trailer it can also be used to carry a reasonable amount of cargo.

The health benefits of riding your city bike daily are easily measured by how much cycling you actually add into your life. As a cyclist myself I can only tell you that by taking baby steps, making small and beneficial changes to your routine will increase your stamina and overall fitness level. So, make the change! The health benefits of riding your city bike daily may improve your way of life.