How to Adjust Your Bike Seat

It's a good idea to properly fine-tune your new bike seat before taking it out for a spin. All cyclists will have a personal style so it's essential to be able to modify your seat to your own particular preference. Adjusting your new bike seat will certainly help keep all of your joints healthy, minimize numbness and in general provide you much more energy and comfort.

Most seats out in the market today have two main adjustments to correctly position a seat. The first adjustment is the saddle height with respect to the bike. The second is the saddle angle.

Seat Height:

The majority of saddles possess a bolt or two referred to as “Pinch Bolts”, these pinch bolts are situated around the seat post of your bike, in order to fine-tune this you will need to loosen these bolts and gently twist the seat until you're capable to elevate or lower the saddle boot. In order to locate a suitable height that accommodates to your riding style you should position your feet directly on the pedal of your bike, make sure that the pedal crank is at its lowest position. Whenever you sit on the bicycle saddle your knee should be slightly bent, it should never be straight as this may cause discomfort. If you observe that your joints are bent too much for your liking then just simply increase your seat right up until you discover the ideal elevation that suits you.

Seat Angle:

Modifying the saddle angle may be difficult with older models. The majority of seats in the market today have one clamp located directly under the seat that can be adjusted. Most higher end bicycle saddles for men possess additional clamps to adjust the physiology of the seat, so remember to make sure you refer to the manual on exactly how to properly alter the angle of your seat. No one can tell you which angle to use given that everybody has their own personal preference. Nonetheless it's said that a fully level bicycle seat can support a rider's entire body weight. If you have never modified a bicycle seat before then start off by using a leveled setting then gradually tip the seat up or downwards. The majority of male cyclist favor to have their seat set at an angle slightly upright, nonetheless you ought to play around with this setting until you discover a comfortable angle.