Opening Up Possibilities With Bike Racks For Cars

Mounting a bike rack on your car open up a world of fun new possibilities. With it, you can now take your bike and the enjoyment of riding anywhere you drive to. However, if you're planning on getting a bike rack for your car, there are a few things you should know first.

If you enjoy the freedom of riding your bike, it's practically essential to purchase a rack for your bike. Without one, you'll be stuck riding locally around your home. With a bike rack, though, you can go anywhere you want; the possibilities are endless. If you frequently go for family vacations, a nice rack will allow you to take the fun activity of riding with you. Even for business trips, bike racks will allow you to have fun during those few hours you get off work. Of course the greatest benefit is that you can simply take your bike wherever you want to. Mountains, trails and tracks are all great places to take your bike for a spin.

All bike racks are built for the purpose to hold one or more bikes, but many of them are made differently and function differently. To get the most benefit and use out of your bike, it's important to take the time and choose the right one for your situation.

Bike rakes are usually broken down into two categories – ones that go on top of your vehicle and ones that go behind. Both of these types work perfectly when installed correctly, but your vehicle may only support one type. Read the instructions and label before purchasing any bike rack to ensure it will install properly on your make and model vehicle.

If you choose to install a rack that mounts on the top of your vehicle, be sure to watch for low clearances as you drive. Measure how tall your vehicle is from the ground to the top of the bikes and be aware of clearances that exceed this length. Bridges, underpasses, drive-throughs and garages may all potentially pose a problem. Another problem with the top-mounted bike racks is the difficulty of taking your bikes on and off. Compared to other types of mounts, you'll find these are more strenuous, as you have to life all the bikes over your head to get them on or off. For some people this isn't a problem, but if you're traveling with small children, it can be difficult.

The alternative to top-mounted bike racks are ones that connect to rear hitch. These are typically easier to install and use, as they simply hook up to the back of your car. The only real downside to using these is that you don't have easy access to your trunk.

With a rack for your bike installed on your car, you'll find a world of new possibilities and activities open up for you and your family. However, if you plan on taking your family or friends with you, be sure to install a rack that's able to carry enough bikes. This shouldn't be a problem, though, as most bike racks can hold up 4 bikes.