Features of The Biologic Bike Mount

Bike riding is the best way to see the outdoors, relieve stress, or simply get around the city. It is also an effective way to burn calories, shed body fat and improve cardiovascular health. In fact, you can burn around 400-500 calories on an hour of bicycle trip.

Getting fit

The basic routine of biking, especially on uphill courses, is the best way to develop muscles and burn fat. This is because you are using both your upper and lower body. This can strengthen your quadriceps, hamstring, and your calf muscles. Apart from keeping your body in shape, it can also increase the resting metabolic rate. This means you can burn calories even at rest. Bike riding can also strengthen the core region of the body, the abdominal and back muscles. This is very important for maintain good balance and posture.

Weight loss

Cycling is the most effective way to lose weight. You can gradually lose one pound a week if you do this regularly. Regular weight loss helps maintain muscle tissues and eliminate unhealthy fats. Burning 3500 calories is equivalent to one pound. Assuming you burn around 500 calories on a one-hour bicycle ride, a daily ride would be equivalent to one-pound weight loss in just one week.

Once you have your own regular cycling program, you should match this with a healthy lifestyle. Start eating healthy. Good exercise and proper diet is the key to keeping your body in shape.

In time, biking will help you feel stronger, leaner, and more confident. You shouldn't worry about your figure if you continue to keep this in your list of activities.

Biologic products: Doing it with style

Biking is fun especially if you are listening to your favorite music. Good thing there are now biologic products to make your ride more interesting. One of the most popular is the biologic bike mount for iPhone and android phones.

Biologic bike mount allows you to attach your gadget to the handlebar so you can use GPS and other useful applications like Biologic Bike Brain. This will help you monitor your position, speed, and distance traveled. This mount is a weatherproof case with a durable welded touch-sensitive membrane, so your gadget is protected from the changing weather conditions. The interior of the case is made of silicone for corrosion and shock resistance.

Other features

Biologic bike mount also features “pivot” options so you can use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. There are also protective sealants in the opening to make sure the lenses are safe while taking photos or videos while you ride. They are also compatible with the latest “biologic recharge”. The mounts are suitable for handlebars or stems with a diameter of 38 mm or smaller.

With these great products, you can make your biking experience more fun. Just make sure your sources are reliable. Read product reviews and customer feedback to know more about the quality of their services.