Going Beyond Training and Performance for Endurance Cycling and Running

You have been cycling or running for a long time now and know a lot about the sport and training but do you know how to master your experience? In my many years of training and coaching I see that fitness and performance only play a part of our training and competing experience. The treasure is found in our inner state, our willingness to focus more on our inner state than on all the external distractions and results. It is here we find the peak experience of athletics and move in the wonders of the “zone”.

There is a fine line between goal setting, success and failure. When we are attached and dead-set on achieving a specific goal we are allowing the outcome to determine our experience. The “higher” perspective is to be prepared to meet or surpass your goal AND also accept and flow with any obstacles that may arise. The reason for this is we are not failures for not meeting our podium or personal best goal, rather we have the opportunity to be a master of our experience by accepting the reality of how things are. Flat tires, strained muscles, bad weather, illness, an off day or unlimited other variables can affect our performance. In fact in the 1000 races I competed in I would say that less than 10 played out perfectly the way I wanted or envisioned. The purpose of this article is to give you strength to have an amazing experience regardless of the outcome. You are too amazing on a person to need excuses or feel lack for rising to the challenge of a goal that did not include all the reasons you might now reach that goal.

So the wisdom here could be summarized in that the mastery of an athletic performance is within allowing the experience fully whatever it may be, using all our available resources to overcome and to accept the outcome as “what is” and to be humble in absence of a falsely labeled victory or defeat.

“There are no victories or defeats in an experience. These labels come after and attempt to paint the experience.”

These qualities of an enhanced experience in your training and competing are cultivated through giving yourself permission for things to be exactly as they are and allowing the effort you have available at the moment to flow freely without doubts and negative thoughts. Just take yourself up to ramming speed and relax and enjoy the experience!

Excellence is within you.