Lake CX170

An advanced and highly developed pair of cycling shoes is what every cycling aficionado believes to be the best investment for his cycling career. The question is, “How do you know which pair is the most ideal for you?” It is critical for you to consider some key factors as you look around for the best pair. Have you just started cycling or are you a pro who is used to entering contests? What kind of weather will you be riding in? No matter what question you ask, the Lake CX170 still offers the best option and will, therefore, merit the highest rating. It has a very reasonable price that is quite surprising given its full range of features.

A good pair of cycling shoes is a comfortable pair cycling shoes. It's just like finding the perfect pair of gloves for your hands, only this time you place it on your feet. You can count on the natural leather upper to give you a lithe and agile fit that feels right the moment you first slip it on. Don't worry about experiencing warmth and sweat on your feet because the Action Leather upper has a mesh that provides ventilation and breathable action. You can also be sure that your feet will stay in the right place because this pair of shoes has molded and deep heels. If the upper is ventilated, the heels adopt the same feature because it has vents too, something that not all cycling shoes have. In general, you will find superiority in its comfort level.

Triathlon cyclists must consider using the exclusive BOA system which is part of the reason for the shoes' comfort feature, and can help these cyclists save time for when they finally take the pair off. Tension around the upper part of the heel and the front of the shoe is provided by the BOA adjuster for the CX170 model. You'll never have to worry about blisters because this ingenious push and pull system gives faultless service as it averts slips and discomfort. Effortless foot removal is possible because the basic ratchet system can squeeze the wire in across the tongue which can be easily released by pulling the button. If you are to name the greatest feature for this shoe, that's definitely the BOA system, a feature that is normally seen in expensive cycling shoes.

The solid fiberglass nylon out-soles may seem rigid, but they are so supple and elastic that they provide additional performance improvement, a feature that is not always seen in most carbon-soled shoes. This makes it great for cutthroat and aggressive riding which aids in power transfer boost and overall responsiveness.

Polyurethane in the Action leather defends the shoe from damages like creases, scrapes, and chinks, proving that it is indeed durable. You don't have to worry about accumulating microbes and germs because antimicrobial solution is applied on it.

The CX170 has an optional SPD feature and gives three-hole compatibility. It weighs around 350g per pair, making it a really handy and light cycling shoe pair.

As if that's not enough, the CX170 is sold at $ 150 each pair. Just go to Lake Cycling if you would like more details. If you want, you can check the nearest cycling shop after you have checked out the price of a few pairs. Surely, the local cycling shops owners will attest that it is indeed the best pair, compared to others who are far more expensive than the CX170. Thus, the Lake CX170 is indeed and by far, the most recommendable cycling foot gear pair for those who want reasonably priced, highly comfortable, and superior quality cycling shoes.