Bontrager – Never Compromise on Quality

The story of Bontrager is legendary. It is founded by Keith Bontrager, a driven do it yourself guy, who was a rider himself. He was also a mechanic, designer, physicist, and an engineer. He used to spend a lot of time in the dumpsters collecting broken parts, and dedicating himself to make better designs. This reverse analysis helped him develop a saying that went, 'Pick Strong and then light'. He had a reputation of making bikes with the strongest and lightest parts available. He always demanded that the parts be stronger and lighter but not always cheap. He never compromised on this logic and the customers to agree that quality is of utmost importance.

Bontrager has grown tremendously from its early days of pondering over the broken parts in his garage. Many categories of Bontrager parts are now available and Keith now spends a lot of his time testing these parts on the field. The logo, which shows a B-dot assures quality and durability. They have undergone stringent tests and quality standards by Keith and are the best in design.

When Keith was twelve years, he built a lawnmower powered mini bike from scratch. He used to race motorcycles till he had a major accident, after which he turned his attention to bicycles. He was not happy with the products he found initially, so he started creating his own mountain bike. His work was applauded by the cycling locals and then he began building his custom bike frames out of his in laws' garage. By the year 1992, this brand turned into a thriving business. Bontrager's cycles expanded into a limited production facility in Santa Cruz.

This brand developed light weight bicycle parts that consisted of seat posts, bar ends, saddles and handle bars. In 1994, the brand acclaimed recognition by entering the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Now they have also introduced mountain bike tire called the Bontrager Jones. The brand deals with innumerable components used in bikes. One man's determination and passion has changed the way the world looks at bikes and bike components.

Bontrager collaborated with famous athletes like Lance Armstrong and Tim DeBoom and produced a new spectrum of speed components giving the wind cheating advantage, improving performance. They have recently launched FIT line, which serves the unique needs of women that are better in comfort and performance. Through intense research and science, InForm saddles were introduced. These are ultimate in the science of comfort.

They have left an environmental footprint by recognizing the need to converse the earth's resources and dynamically changed the product packaging. An ethically conscious company has made an impact globally in the bicycle industry and changed the face of mountain bikes.