These Are the Styles for the Bikers in Your Family

No, we're not talking about Hell's Angels or any of those sorts. We are not talking about leather vests and jackets, complete with US biker's boots. We're not even talking about the annual Sturgis Bike run, where if you don't have a certain make of cycle, you're nothing! In fact, motorcycling has nothing to do with what we're going to be talking about, except maybe tires; nothing at all.

However, we will be addressing the needs of the 2-wheelers in your family – those who ride bicycles many miles per day for fun and exercise, or maybe they actually go to work on one. (One has to wonder how they do that and make it to work on time, unless they only work a few miles from where they live, such as in the military.)

It's time to introduce the company that we are talking about. We're talking about Bontrager and their selection of biking apparel, shoes, protective gear, baskets, components (for when your bike breaks down on the road) and essentials, such as necessities for the road, mountains, triathlon, for in town and for your kids, too.

When I was a kid, we had no bike fall or accident protection. We just had bike licenses and parental limits. Today, in an age where parents are extremely busy earning money to feed and house the kids, the kids have fewer limits, so they also must be protected against accidents while on their bikes. As for me, the last time I ever rode a bike was when I was riding to a friend's home. She had a beautiful home, but a huge dip and following hill kept me from riding there. So another friend asked if she could have the bike, and she would show me how to get through the dip and hill for the future. However, sadly, that future never came.

Products Sold by Bontrager

• Bontrager began by selling products for motocross riders, selling leathers, helmets, gloves and shoes before they decided to widen their market to include bicycle racers, like those who raced in the Tour de France. Now, their products appeal to all who love the sport of biking.

• Products for the Road – Helmet, Tire Pumps, Utility Belt, Water Bottle

• Products for Mountain Biking – Tube and Tubeless Sealants, Helmet, Utility Belt, Tire Pumps, Tubeless Replacements

• Triathlon Biking – Shoes, Helmet, Tire Pump, Air Rush Regulator and various food and drink holders that prevent the loss of your much-needed drinks and carbohydrates

• Town – for running to the store for your forgotten cream cheese and marshmallow cream, Rear Trunks, Saddlebags, Utility Belts, Helmets, Pumps, Backpacks, Belts and Water Bottles

• Kids – Helmets, Light Sets, Saddles, Bags, Kids' Seat pack for holding num-nums and toys, Bottle Holder with Bottle

• Bontrager also carries clothes, all that you will need.