Making Your Dutch Bicycle Commute More Fun

In this article we are going to look at the psychological well being of the Dutch bicycle commuter. Lets look at the obvious things we can concentrate on first.

Health is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of riding a bike to work. Cycling provides excellent aerobic exercise, it's good for the heart, lungs and blood vessels as well as burning a lot of calories. This means that as you go on your journey you can give yourself a pat on the back for taking action to help maintain your health and look forward to that extra desert or bar of chocolate you are able to enjoy, without having to worry about putting on extra weight because of all the calories you are burning off during your commute.

Money is another important consideration for you to enjoy. When you calculate the cost of a years worth of motoring expenses or a years rail fares it easily comes to enough for an excellent annual holiday. As you're cycling along dream of those faraway tropical beaches you will be able to visit simply because you took the bike to work rather than the car. While we're talking about holidays turn your mind to more practical things you can do with your time during your commute. Why not learn the language of the place you are going to visit this can make your holiday even more enjoyable. There are countless audio language courses available that you could listen to on an iPod or similar device, just make sure to only use one earpiece so you can still listen out for the traffic.

If a holiday is not your thing maybe something for the house, perhaps some new furniture or a 3D TV or maybe even a different style of Dutch Bike, it's a great feeling to have the choice of which bike to use depending on your mood. This brings us nicely onto another way of making your journey more interesting. Don't always use the same route. Of course you will usually want to take the shortest route but making little detours will often make not much more than a few minutes difference in journey times and you will get to know your area better and possibly discover little hidden gems you did not know existed.

In conclusion, commuting to work on a Dutch bike can be comfortable, healthy and fun as well as saving money so that you can go out (or stay home) and have even more fun.