8 Smart Tips for Buying an Electric Bike

Buying an electric bike is an exciting experience for anyone who has never owned one before. These bikes are a relatively new product, with great advancements made in technology in recent tears. They are most popular in China but have taken off in Europe, the US and Australia.

Here are some top tips to consider when buying an electric bike:

1. Do your research – there are many different models and styles
There are numerous styles, types and functions with electric bikes so it is best to do your research and find one that suits you. Think about what your needs are – is it for a longer commute, are there a lot of hills and do you need it to be a folding bike?

2. Try to go with a local electric bike company
It can be rather expensive getting these bikes imported from overseas so when buying an electric bike it is best to stick with a local company.

3. Test ride the bike
The other major advantage of buying an electric bike from a local company is that you can test ride it. Go for a ride and see if it is something that suit you and you are comfortable with

4. Compare prices online
You can easily go online to check out the different prices and models. Take note of this and make sure you take into account the different technology that is being used. You want it to be cost effective, but also something g that will last

5. Make sure the offer service warranty
Most good electric bicycle retailers will offer you a minimum 12 months service warranty so that you can take it to a bike shop and get anything fixed or serviced that needs to be done. Without this, it can get very costly

6. Make sure they comply with local laws regarding speed
Each country and state has different laws regarding the speed that electric bicycles are allowed to go up to, so make sure that you check this with your retailer and also with the roads authority

7. Check whether the company is reputable
Before buying an electric bike you will want to know that you are going with a reputable company that is registered and has some customer testimonials online

8. You are going to be riding it so make sure YOU like it!
The best tip for buying an e bike is to make sure that you actually like it. You will be the one riding it so be clear on whether it suits your style, needs and taste.

Electric Bikes are a booming industry and for good reason – they are environmentally friendly, cheap to run, emit zero carbon and are a healthy and fun way to get around. There are also great for people of all ages and fitness levels.