High-Visibility Clothing for Motorcycle Drivers

High-Visibility Clothing for Motorcycle Drivers

When motorcycle drivers think of road safety, many assume that it’s all about defensive driving. Many campaigns on defensive driving have become widespread, so drivers began associating it as the entirety of road safety. While defensive driving is an important part of road safety, there are other important aspects to consider, like protective gear and clothing.

For instance, helmets are essential because these may provide protection against head injuries. The same is true with protective body pads that may act as armor for when the driver experiences an accident. While these pieces of clothing are designed for worst-case scenarios, it’s important to note the preventive side of the issue, too.

Many road experts now recommend motorcycle drivers to wear high-visibility shirts and pants, so other drivers on the road can easily spot them. These clothing offer more visibility especially at night, when the roads may be lit only by vehicles’ headlights and taillights. If you own a motorcycle, investing in such clothing is important. In buying these clothing, you may consider the following clothing features.


Note the material of the high visibility pants or shirt you’re considering, because you’ll be the one using the clothing. Polyester may be an ideal material if the wearer wants durability and convenience. Polyester is very durable compared to other fibers and it can dry quicker. Furthermore, polyester doesn’t accumulate much dirt and is easily washable.


Consider your preference when buying a high visibility shirt because the shirt can significantly affect driving comfort. To be safe, it’s best to buy one short-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved shirt, if you have the budget. Having two shirt types is ideal, because this allows you to adapt to different weather conditions.


Pockets may not matter much to some people, but if you want to carry some small items while you drive, then pockets may mean everything. Getting a high visibility shirt that has a chest pocket may be ideal, especially for storing items such as your driver’s license. The same is also true for pants, as some pants have slit pockets that can carry small items, too.