The Importance of Bike Bags

The Importance of Bike Bags

The bicycle is a versatile means of transportation. It can take you to places both far and near. So whether you are planning on trekking to the countryside on weekends or going to work during the weekdays, the bicycle can provide you with the ease in mobility and maneuverability even in traffic congestion’s that is so typical of a downtown street on any given day. And because it is made of light materials you will have no problem speeding off or slowing down depending on your pacing.

The bicycle comes in handy especially in the urban areas where there streets tend to be narrow. A lot of people go to work on their bikes. And the health benefits that comes with bicycling should not be taken for granted. Aside from strengthening the cardiovascular part of your body by pumping more blood into your system and keeping the blood circulation from flowing freely thus supplying your body the oxygen that essentially needs, it also keeps your muscles and shape.

Because of massive carbon emissions from fossil fuel-powered vehicles that greatly contribute to the worsening global warming, a lot of people have resorted to riding bikes whenever they can. Environmentally conscious people call it “lessening the carbon impact” on the planet.

The only setback to using the bike as one’s mode of transportation is the limitation to carrying goods and stuff. Bike-riding is best when you’re just having a leisurely stroll in your suburban neighbourhood. But it can be quite tricky if, say, you go the grocery to buy food. Where will you put on your bike? Good thing bike bags are invented just for this purpose.

There are actually many types of bike bags that you can buy at bicycle shops or sporting goods store. These bags are designed for the biker’s convenience as well as maximizing the space of your bike.

There’s the seat bag where you can on the underside of your seat rails or the seatpost steam. The only disadvantage of this is that you cannot get something from the seat bag without having to stop and dismount first.

The handlebar bag is a stuff container that is placed on your bike’s handles. They are held either by a Velcro or a strap. On the downside, it tends to be bulky and may interfere with how you can operate the bike.

There’s also the bicycle pannier bags which function like saddlebags and are used mostly by distance riders or touring riders. Lastly, there’s the backpack, quite a common bag of choice not just by bikers but by almost everyone.

So, whatever is your choice of bike bags, just make sure that it will give you convenience and comfort while riding.