How to Choose a Giant Mountain Bike Frame

Giant mountain bikes make bicycles for various purposes, be it road biking or back country terrain. They have bicycles that can handle downhill or uphill mountain ranges. All cyclists need to determine the right frame appropriate for them. But before you choose the right frame, you have to decide on what type of riding you plan to do using a Giant mountain bike. Think about it and determine if it would be for racing, road touring, or mountain biking.

When choosing a frame, base it on what type of material it is made of. Consider the weight and cost as well. Giant usually makes bikes from chrome and aluminum. If you want a light bike, choose a bike that is made of aluminum. If your type of riding deals with a lot of bumps or harsher conditions, then choose a chrome frame. Chrome weighs a little bit more than aluminum frames. By sorting your choices this way, you would be able to find the right frame that would fit your budget.

Use a bicycle size chart to get the appropriate frame for your body size. Giant has a size chart for their bikes that you can compare to. It helps determine what size is right for your height. Their bikes actually come in 4 sizes. Each one is designed for a particular body type and size. You have to measure your height and weight to make sure your bike can cater to your body size. If you are in between measurements, choose the next size that is larger.

In choosing the right frame, you also have to consider the type of riding you are going to do. Bicycle tours require smoother and more stable bikes to make the traveling easy. Bikes with longer frames work well for this purpose. If you plan to go mountain biking or terrain racing, choose shorter bike frames for more agility and responsiveness.

Giant mountain bikes are easy to ride, as long as you get the right size for your body type. You can visit a Giant bike store or any bike store that sells Giant bikes. This will give you a personal view of what bike frame will fit you best. Giant mountain bikes offer bikes with a wide variety of sizes and designs. They sell bikes for all ages, from kid size to adult size, and for every purpose, be it racing, touring, or just biking around the neighborhood.