Pay Equal Attention To Bike Security

Pay Equal Attention To Bike Security

It is a decision that you have taken after weighing all the pros and cons. You have decided to buy the bike you have been wanting for a long time and have taken all the trouble of checking out various cycle stores as well as searched online to get the best deal. The model that you have chosen has been decided upon after evaluating the technical attributes from magazines as well as after discussing with friends. Now that the bike of your choice is in your backyard, you have to now think of buying the right accessories and bike security systems should certainly feature in that list.

The reason is that bike theft is becoming a very common occurrence. If you have bought a bike recognising its benefits, surely these benefits are not lost on the thief and given an opportunity, he would gladly ride away with your prized possession. As opposed to normal perception that it is only the cars that are in danger of theft due to their high value, bikes are under equal threat. Modern security systems for cars are quite elaborate and have ensured that thieves cannot get away with a car that easily. However, since bikes can be driven away easily, you need to choose a security system that will ensure you have a good night’s sleep and do not have to keep worrying about your bike.

Purchasing a good bike security system will also benefit you when it comes to insurance premiums. Insurance service providers decide on the premium amount after taking into account the measures that the client has taken to safeguard the vehicle and reduce the premium amount if they feel confident that the security measures taken are adequate enough to prevent theft. It reduces their risk exposure significantly.

Since your usage of the bike would be varied and you would require parking it in public areas as well, it is better to choose a security system that features heavy locks and chains that cannot easily be tampered with. There are reputed brands now available whose products are certified by security system checking organisations and when you fit one of those brands, you are sure to impress the insurance company as well. These companies generally have chains that are not only heavy but are also covered with a protective sleeve that is very visible and acts as an effective deterrent to thieves. This coating also ensures that there is no damage to the bodywork of the bike should anybody try tampering with it.

If you do not have a covered parking space, then you need to also look for ground anchors. A ground anchor serves to bolt the vehicle to the ground and is the best option to secure your bike during the night or in your absence.

Bike security is a must and you need to ensure that you are not compromising on it by looking for cheap systems.