The Tremendous Variety In Town Bikes Is A Great Boost For Biking

In these days when everybody is competing with the guy next door to acquire the latest four wheeler and with so much hype about cars, the simplicity and the utility of the town bike comes as a refreshing change. People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of physical exercise, the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle and that is getting reflected in bike sales. What’s more encouraging is the fact that people also appear to be tuned to the tremendous environmental benefits that biking can provide and how they can collectively make a difference in reducing their personal carbon footprint. Increasing fuel costs is one other motivation that is driving many individuals to look at biking to office or for short distances as an option.

The situation has been helped by the availability of some of the best of town bikes that are now available. Manufacturers are making use of the latest technology and are also providing suitable accessories to make the ride as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Students as well as fitness conscious individuals are preparing for the day by taking the bike to their schools and offices. Families are enjoying the weekends exploring new vistas on their bikes and that is a very encouraging sign.

As mentioned, modern town bikes are being crafted to ensure comfort, smoothness and pleasure. Advances in the form of hybrid technology have boosted power such that you can pedal faster and with great ease. The battery range is a healthy 30 miles in most bikes and the charging time has come down to just 3 hours. Electric assist bikes are thus a common sight on the roads and the kids too are enjoying the freedom and convenience of zipping away on their bikes whenever they wish to. Pedalling is no longer seen as an arduous activity.

The technological conveniences though have not compromised on the sturdiness of bikes. You now have the perfect combination of a slick bike that is not only a joy to ride but will also serve you for many years to come without you having to keep servicing it. Add the spin off benefits of saving on time by not having to wait at traffic signals, savings on fuel and a great work out and you have no excuses for not considering biking as a suitable commuting option.

Manufacturers too have been savvy in retaining traditional bike styles along with modern ones that they keep introducing. They recognise that many individuals still consider conventional bikes as timeless classics and are most comfortable when they are riding them. Bike manufacturers have introduced other innovations such as the flat bar single speed bikes, the real zippy road bikes with narrow bars that facilitate easy movement even through heavy traffic and so on. What’s more, there are enough colour options and combinations of town bikes to please even the most discerning of customers.

Those who have to commute by train and then only have a short distance to cover to reach their office will do well to make use of folding town bikes that are also available.