Commuting Bikes Are Affordable And Of Great Practical Use

Commuting Bikes Are Affordable And Of Great Practical Use

Given an opportunity many of us would prefer to cycle to our destination rather than use public transport or our own private cars. None of us want to get caught in traffic, get exposed to pollution and also spend valuable money on fuel as well as maintenance of the car. When there is an option like commuting bikes that would enable you to get to your destination quickly, provide your daily quota of physical exercise and also help you save a lot of money, it is natural that many would prefer this mode of travel.

Your choice of the bike would depend on the kind of roads you would be travelling on. If the route is such that it has good roads then the normal road bike would be fine. However, if you have to traverse through side roads and some rough terrain, then a mountain bike would be in order. Many individuals who use a combination of a bike and train normally prefer a very rudimentary bike or a real stripped down version of a bike that they use to just get to the station and on the way back. They also make use of folding variety of bikes that they can take along with them when not in use and that is a great benefit when you are commuting short distances. These folding bikes can be stowed away conveniently.

Over the years, the number of designs and types of bikes that have been manufactured are indeed phenomenal and as is the case with most products, if you have the money, you can buy bikes that are considered quite expensive. Needless to say, they come with many extra features and are meant to cater to requirements of biking aficionados who would want to not only ride them for their basic functionality but also use them as status symbols, for competitions and so on. The good news is that you can still buy a good standard bike to meet your commuting needs and do not have to go overboard with your spending.

Modern commuter bikes have been specifically designed to aid faster commuting. They are much lighter than the rather bulky mountain bikes but have tyres that can withstand the rigors of concrete and asphalt. The chain guard is well protected, does not require maintenance and most importantly does not get in the way of your trousers. The high handle bars also ensure better visibility as well as riding posture and you do not have to remain crouched as in a racing bike.

There is another aspect of commuting to office that is equally important. While the physical effort and exercise for the leg muscles when biking is well appreciated, it is not likely that anyone of us would want to arrive at our office desk perspiring with sweat. This is where electric commuting bikes can be of great use given the fact that the pedal-assist function would enable you to pick up good speed and get the benefit of the cool breeze. You will therefore arrive in much better shape.